Game Days Stats Journaling for Increased Athletic Performance

Many athletes have journaled their way to success.  Now, was that the only thing they did?  No.  But journaling was an integral part of their training.  Many people have heard that Serena Williams, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Carli Lloyd and Michael Phelps tracked their goals, workouts, and training. Without tracking their progress, would they have achieved greatness?

Sports Hawgs Game Day Stats Journals

The Sports Hawgs™ Game Day Stats Journal is here to help guide the way.  Keeping track of your goals, game day stats and other performance measures enhances your ability to improve your performance, enjoy personal growth and increase mental toughness.

So how exactly does keeping a game day stats journal help you as an athlete?

  1. Goals become real and attainable. By writing down your goals you create clarity of what it is you want to accomplish.  It forces your brain to think about what you really want and what steps are required to get there. When you put them down on paper, you create accountability with yourself, and you can share that with others.  It helps you to remember what you want when things are tough.  And just like in school, when we take notes and write things down, we remember it better.  This can help you focus on the goals and avoid the “shining object” distraction as you are working toward your goals.
    Sports Hawgs Game Day Stats Journal Athlete Goals
  2. Improve your confidence and belief. When you write, answer prompted questions about your season, it helps you to raise your confidence and believe in what you can do. When we include affirmations before games, we enable our brain to hear positive feedback about what we are doing.  Sports Hawgs Game Day Stats Journal Athlete PromptsThe longer you work on improving how you talk to yourself, the more positive you can build on each result and improve your confidence and belief.

  3. Track your progress. The Sports Hawgs™ Game Day Stats journal allows you to track NCAA tracked performance measures and compare from game to game with the ability to take notes and even add film review as you reflect on each game. Sometimes it is hard to see how much you have improved from the beginning of a season until the end, but the journal gives you a great way to do that. Plus, these Sports Hawgs™ Game Day Stats journals are a keepsake that you can keep seeing how much your performance has changed over the years. It’s amazing to be able to look back at your growth and success.Sports Hawgs Game Day Stats Journal Athlete Score Tracker

  4. Improves discipline and commitment. By maintaining your journal from game to game, it can help you stay committed to the process thus improving your discipline on the way. The more disciplined you can be, it is easier to reflect on your athletic journey and understand how you met your goals.

  5. Live your best life. We are not all going to be gold medalists or national champions, but we are going to be well rounded humans that were shaped by our sports. Keeping the Sports Hawgs™ Game Day Stats Journal helps you to be the best version of yourself. It is truly about becoming the best person you can be.  Put your dreams and ideas into the journal and set your plan in motion to achieve those goals.

  6. Positive mindfulness. For each game, be present, know your objectives and be the best player and teammate you can be. Looking ahead to the future and having a grateful heart can help us to accomplish so much on and off the field. You can also spend time each day reflecting on challenges and triumphs.  We can address the challenges and move forward. We can also speak kindly about ourselves while pointing out all the things we did well in that game or during the season.

Sports Hawgs™ Game Day Stats Journal was designed to help you on your journey to personal athletic greatness.  Be accountable to yourself and learn from each day so that you can improve day after day. There is not one famous athlete who has not had to overcome challenges to achieve greatness. It’s how they responded to those challenges and the discipline that helped them to remain focused on the goal.  Now it’s your turn.  Track. Motivate. Conquer. 

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